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Color:  Blue

Food:  Pizza (Gluten Free)

Holiday:   July 4th

Movie: Ever After

Hobby:  Horseback Riding

Vacation Spot:   Houston, TX

Pet:   Solomon (Golden)


Book of the Bible: James

Bible Character:  Joseph

Verse:  Isaiah 41:10

Song: Indescribable

Salvation: at age 11

Mission Trip: Prague, Uganda


Robin's ministry purpose is to point others to Christ through her message in song and spoken words. She enjoys and is grateful for every opportunity to minister through music... but her greatest joy comes after a concert when she has the privilege of speaking to those who want to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

LOCAL CHURCHES:  Robin ministers locally at churches in south west Florida. Her ministry includes doing Special Music, Full Concerts, Christian Women’s Club, Bible Studies, Women’s Ministries, Banquets, Conferences, Youth Rallies and much more.

INTERNATIONAL:  Robin has always had a heart for Missions.  She has been blessed to have been able to travel to many countries around the world, ministering through song.  Each time Robin goes to a different country, she learns a song in that specific language.  Her goal and ministry objectives remain the same globally:

  1. - Present the Gospel to unbelievers with an opportunity

   for salvation

  1. - Minister to churches and challenge believers to share Christ

  1. - Lead by Example - Everything be done for His honor and glory

  1. - Encourage people in their everyday walk with the Lord, 

   to “press on” regardless of  circumstances

Robin’s Heartbeat...